Scenting For Banks

Creating a better banking experience


Consumers crave more authentic interactions with brands on every level and banks and financial institutions are no different. With increasing competition in the banking industry, the concept of branch banking is adopting new formats to provide a differentiated offering in efforts of improving customer satisfaction and retention.

The use of scent in banks and financial institutions aims at creating relaxing atmospheres leading to an improved customer experience. Creating an effective bank scent depends largely on eliciting the right emotions and ensures brand consistency, providing customers with a consistent and pleasant experience with each branch visit.

Scenting benefits for banks:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through perceived reduction of time spent in a branch or waiting in line.
  • Improved customer retention through positive experiences.
  • Enhanced brand recognition as consumers tend to rate scented environments more positively.

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Helm bank in the US added signature scent to its branches as well updating their logos, colors and sound branding leading to increase in revenue and the number of new account openings. Customer satisfaction also increased to a staggering 99% in the new multi-sensory branches.

UOB Bank in Singapore decided to design its Privilege Reserve in the Marina Bay Financial Centre branch as a first-class lounge in a Boeing Dream Liner. It used a scent inspired by the essence of Bergamot and a playlist of different genres to suit the themes of its varied meeting rooms.

Citibank Singapore’s Citigold Private Client lounge, which services high-net-worth individuals provides relaxed branch environment using fragrances and music as well as providing customers a gift diffuser set containing the same scent.

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