Custom-made Candles

Bespoke products tailored to your needs

We create one-of-a-kind candles for our clients that connect and amplify the essence of their brand. Our personalized process ensures exclusivity, quality and continuity of brand. From the selection of fragrances and glassware to the design of labels and packaging our clients are able to specify every aspect of their custom-made candles.

  • Custom-made or pre-designed fragrance selection.
  • Customized labelling and packaging options.
  • A wide selection of glassware and finishes.
  • High quality, clean burning soy blend wax.

Our process starts with an initial consultation whereby we listen to your needs, learn about your audience, and identify what people love about your business, before recommending fragrances that are consistent with and complementary to your brand.

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"Customer engagement must go beyond simple visuals and engage other senses as well."
The Scent Company, Dublin