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Creating emotionally driven customer experiences


Today’s consumers demand unique and memorable experiences therefore brands must rethink the customer journey and deliver emotionally driven experiences. Scent stimulates the emotional cortex of the brain triggering emotions that form a unique bond, significantly transforming how one feels about a brand or experience. Smell can help amplify customer experience by creating a lasting impression that stays long after the smell has vanished.

At The Scent Company we take a brand-led approach to help our customers stand out. We think about brand, rather than product. Think about experience, rather than transaction. Aligning brand and customer experience is vital and smell can be a powerful brand language that can convey identity and differentiation. It has potential to create a direct, tangible connection between a brand and its consumers.

Exclusivity, creativity and quality are at the forefront of everything we do. We create custom-made fragrances that capture the essence and personality of a brand, thus establishing an olfactory identity. Once formulated, this exclusive scent can be professionally diffused within a space and extended to bespoke branded candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays for retail opportunities, seasonal gifts and to acknowledge valued clients.

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