Experiential Solutions

Transforming events to unforgettable experiences

Our Experiential scenting solutions are dedicated to creating emotional connections through experiences and delivering moments of WOW to transform events and special occasions. We believe that scent is an oft-forgotten element of creating immersive experiences and have designed these solutions to bring the brand and consumer closer together to create deeper emotional connections.

Today’s consumers demand unique and memorable experiences as part of their everyday lives and the brand experience is a critical driver of emotional connection. Our Experiential scenting solutions are all about triggering emotion to create lasting memories of products, services and events.

We collaborate with event planners and experiential agencies to create the ultimate experience to deliver enduring and powerful impressions for brands, products or events. Experiential scenting solutions are widely used for Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Festivals, Product Launches and Weddings providing technical installations for tailored set-ups.


Popular Fragrance Styles


Exciting & Uplifting


Fresh & Exhilarating

Green Notes

Crisp & Exciting