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Strengthening the customer experience should be the key focus for automotive businesses. Car dealerships and showrooms must employ a multi-sensory strategy when designing memorable customer experiences. Research shows that having many senses involved in the selling process generates a direct impact on motor sales.

Adding an ambient scent that is based on a brand’s identity deepens the relationship with your clients, forming a stronger, more memorable connection with each dealership visit.

Scenting benefits for car dealerships and showrooms:

  • Increases linger time by enhancing comfort levels, encouraging more time spent in the showroom.
  • Improves customer perception – by creating a pleasantly scented atmosphere, customers are more likely to associate positively with your brand.
  • Improves customer loyalty by driving brand affiliation. Signature scents are easily recalled, strengthening emotional connections.

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Hyundai launched a sensory experience which features zones that cover the five key senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. The House of Hyundai will inspire drivers and help make their journeys better – as well as giving them a glimpse into what the future of driving could look like.

The sensory experience is a part of the unveiling of Hyundai's new car IONIQ - the first car in the world to offer separate hybrid, full electric and plug in hybrid powertrains within one body type. Click here to visit the House of Hyundai website.

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