Enhancing the customer journey


The Scent Company works with airlines and airport authorities to enhance the customer journey through the introduction of fragrance at customer touch points. Scenting is the introduced to the customer journey at check-in counters and within business lounges to impart unique personality of your brand.

Airlines using scent across all their touchpoints enjoy a stronger emotional connection with their customers. According to research, people recall aromas with up to 65% accuracy within a year. If brands can associate their custom scent with a positive experience, that feeling can be translated in to increased overall brand perception and loyalty.

Benefits of scenting in aviation:

  • Improve the experience on board.
  • Ensuring every passenger has a positive journey.
  • Foster emotional connections leading to greater brand loyalty.

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“The arrival at a Cathay Pacific Lounge is instantly recognizable and the passenger can relax in a familiar feeling of a comfortable home.”
Ben Schlappig - travel consultant and blogger, One Mile At A Time.

Virgin Atlantic became the first airline to introduce bespoke aromatherapy on board as part of its new relaxation package. Passengers in the airline’s Upper Class receive a hot towel infused with de Mamiel essential oils,which vary according to time of day.

During daytime flights, an aromatic blend of bergamot, sweet orange and yang ylang, called Enliven, helps passengers relax and feel refreshed; during overnight flights, the fragrance is called High Altitude and includes fragonia, eucalyptus and lavender to help boost immunity and induce sleep.

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