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Working closely with Developers, Consultants, Designers and Facility Managers we can help position commercial and residential projects as luxury developments with the introduction of fragrance within the building environment; ground floor reception, floor by floor coverage or throughout an entire building complex.

Applications for scenting in commercial and residential developments includes using custom scents in office environments , multi-tenant office lobbies, and show offices and homes to enhance buyer experience. Scenting can also be used within the developments to help brand the community and create a sense of home for residents.

Benefits of Scenting in Real Estate:

  • Increase the value of your property by creating welcoming environments that appeal to all your tenants’ senses.
  • Build an emotional connection between your tenants and their home.
  • Differentiate your property by offering a customized sensory experience.

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A high profile example of Brand Scenting in Real Estate is Miami’s One Thousand Museum, a 62-story residential tower designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Not only will it offer state of the art amenities, but the tower also aims to appeal to more senses than just the visual.

One Thousand Museum, set to be completed in 2017, will have its own custom scenting strategy: all interior amenity spaces, including the lobby, wellness and spa levels, aquatic center, and sky lounge, will be perfumed with signature ambient scents.

The developers of One Thousand Museum turned to olfactive branding to create fragrances that will shape the mood of every space in the building.

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