Strategic Solutions

Create emotionally driven customer experiences


Strategic scenting is an approach that focuses on creating and enhancing ‘feelings’ to create emotionally driven customer experiences. Our strategic scenting solutions allow brands to connect with customer’s on an emotional level, making your brand more enjoyable, more emotional and more memorable.

Our strategic solutions are specifically designed to express the overall brand message. We work closely brands to fully understand a company’s identity, marketing messages, target audience to create a scenting solution that amplifies these values. By utilizing complex fragrance formulations to complement and enhance brand experience we can create a sense of luxury, opulence, aspiration, creative or inspirational environment with the purpose of creating deeper meaningful engagement.

Designed for brands in Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Automotive and Aviation our strategic scenting solutions deliver a consistent and appealing ambient scent using professional diffuser machines and the highest quality aroma fragrance.


Popular Fragrance Styles

Soft Oriental

Luxurious & Aspirational

Fresh Notes

Crisp & Fresh

Aromatic Woods

Modern & Elegant