Therapeutic Solutions

Creating positive and calming environments


Our Therapeutic solutions are designed to impart specific 'emotional' response to create positive experiences. We understand that the sense of smell affects up to 75% of our daily emotions and have developed scenting solutions that appeal directly to a individual's emotional state, needs and aspirations.

The use of scent has been widely recognized for its ability to trigger emotional responses and is known to create positive effects on perceptions of service quality, cleanliness, and personal wellness.

Whether it is to improve patient and visitor experience, energize and revitalize members, boost productivity or induce a state of tranquility our solutions are specifically designed to meet our clients requirements. As such, our Therapeutic solutions are ideal for use in Clinics, Nursing Homes, Spas, Offices, Gyms, Studios, and Salons.


Popular Fragrance Styles

Aromatic Herbs

Calming and Relaxing

Green Notes

Energize & Revitalize

Citrus Oils

De-stress & Relax