Connecting brands throught scent

We help businesses connect with customers by engaging memory and emotion through scent. Crafting a unique and appealing fragrance is an art and each custom scent we create is designed to instantly communicate brand identity and drive market differentiation.



Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all the senses. By using scent, brands are able to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience.

Each scented experience we create tells a meaningful and emotional story about the brand and space. Scent can attract new customers, heighten value perception, and expand brand recognition and customer satisfaction.

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How to create your brand scent?

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Why Choose Us?

We place you and your business at the centre of the creative process
to elevate each experience and communicate brand story

Fragrance Specialists
Ireland's leading olfactory branding consultancy providing guidance, advice, and insight.

100% Safe Ingredients
Perfume-grade fragrances certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Product Development
Custom-made private label scented products designed to amplify brand awareness and recognition.

Cutting Edge Technology
Professional fragrance diffusers delivering consistent, discreet and effective scenting experiences.
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How does scent branding work?

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Our Approach

By integrating scent as a pillar of brand identity a powerful connection between emotion, memory, and mood is formed creating a lasting impression

We cater to each and every industry that wishes to deliver memorable arrival experiences, invigorate spaces and transformative communal areas.

We specialise in establishing 'scent identities' in retail, hospitality and banking & are introducing innovative solutions for live events, exhibitions and employee workspaces.
We believe that no two brands or businesses are the same so each bespoke 'brand scent' we create is unique.

We take into consideration every aspect of the business; brand history, target audience, business goals, and the desired emotional response before translating all into an exclusive scent that tells a memorable and emotional story about a brand and space.
Yes. Each project we commission requires a brief and the good news is that we will create one for you.

Many clients struggle with the idea of developing a brief and this is why we conduct a 'discovery phase' on each project. By means of an initial consultation, site visit and questionnaire, we will develop a brief for approval prior to commencing works.
Once a brief has been approved our international perfume team will create a selection of bespoke fragrance samples that capture the essence and emotion of the brand.

Each carefully blended formula is made from premium ingredients without the use of any harmful additives. We ensure safe, genuine and authentic scents that will add value to your brand and business.