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We design and create scent identities for leading brands that connect customers and enhance brand experience. Each exclusive signature scent is designed to instantly communicate brand identity and drive market differentiation.



Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all the senses. By using scent, brands are able to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience.

Each scented experience we create tells a meaningful and emotional story about the brand and space. Scent can enhance brand experience, heighten value perception, expand brand recognition, and boost customer satisfaction.

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Our Approach

By integrating scent as a pillar of brand identity a powerful connection between emotion, memory, and mood is formed creating a lasting impression

Scent can be evocative, alluring, and emotional. We have all experienced how particular smells evoke feelings and memories of people and events. So why is this and how does scent branding work?

Our sense of smell is part of the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain) which is closely connected to structures of the brain that influence behaviour, mood and memory. It's this close relationship that gives smell the unusual ability to trigger powerful memories that make us feel nostalgic, relaxed, energised and even transport us back to our childhood instantaneously.

By going beyond the traditional sensory cues of sight and sound, scent branding helps brands take advantage of our sense of smell to establish a deeper emotional connection with customers. It’s about enhancing brand experience, heighten value perception, and expanding brand recognition.
We design and create scent identities for leading brands in aviation, banking, spa & wellness, hospitality, retail, and healthcare. In addition we are introducing innovative solutions for live events, exhibitions and employee workspaces.

Each signature brand scent is exclusivity designed to communicate brand identity and drive market differentiation.
Creating a unique scent identity is a detailed and highly skilled process.

In order to create a truly empathetic fragrance we must first understand the essence and personality of a brand. No two brands or businesses are the same so each project we commission requires a brief.

Once the brief has been analysed, our perfumers create a selection of bespoke fragrance samples incorporating specific fragrance notes and accords that best communicate brand identity.

Each sample will then be presented to and assessed alongside the client. Chosen materials, fragrance style, and overall structure will be discussed in detail and any modifications made if required.

Our technical team will then addresses how and where the scent will be utilized. Assessment and testing of each chosen application; diffusion, candle, spray or encapsulation, will be conducted before a 'manufacture ready' sample is provided. Fragrance balancing will be addressed during the production assessment phase to ensure that the original scent profile is always maintained.

Finally, we ensure that all legal regulations are adhered to depending upon where the scent is used and/or products sold - EU, US, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia.
Yes. The development of a brief is an essential first step. It consists of understanding the brand, analysing its history and identifying where it will be in the future. Only through careful analysis of the brand can we translate it’s essence in to a scent.

Many clients struggle with the idea of developing a fragrance brief and this is why we conduct a 'discovery phase' for each project. Through consultation, a site visit and a questionnaire, we will develop a brief for approval prior to commencing works.
Once a brief has been approved our perfumers then analyse the style, language, values, audience, and location of a brand before carefully blending raw materials to create a scent that captures the identity and emotion of that brand.

Each carefully blended formula is made from premium ingredients without the use of any harmful additives. We ensure safe, genuine and authentic scents that will add value to your brand and business.
Once a signature brand scent has been finalised it can be professionally diffused within any space and extended to a range of private label products including candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, unboxing gifts, and luxury sachets.

A signature brand scent can also be applied to printed collateral within an organisation and external marketing collateral used for mail drops and publication inserts.
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