4 Reasons Your Retail Brand Needs a Scent – INFOGRAPHIC

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Multi-sensory marketing involves engaging and appealing to all the senses and is backed by a wealth of science to show its effectiveness in enhancing brand engagement. A carefully crafted multi-sensory strategy incorporates ambient elements such as scent, sound, touch and taste within the retail environment leading to a memorable customer experience.

Creating the right experience will determine how long customers stay in-store, how they feel, and how much they value your brand. Creating a brand experience through multi-sensory marketing should be a top priority for retailers. The introduction of scent is one of the most crucial elements to incorporate in to any multi-sensory strategy.

Retail Scenting is the introduction within a retail space of a tailor-made fragrance specifically designed to impart the unique personality of a brand.

With over 75% of emotions being triggered by smell, our clients understand the power of scent and how it can significantly enhance ‘brand experience’ by subtly establishing an emotional connection with customers.

The infographic below illustrates the benefits of a Brand Scent within your retail space.

4 reasons your retail brand needs a scent

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