5 Ways to Bring More Emotion to Your Brand

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Branding a business is a must.

However, a study found that an alarmingly high percentage of consumers – 89% to be exact – feel little or no emotional connection to a brand. That roughly translates to a customer forgetting about a brand the minute the interaction stops!

Nowadays, with a quickly-changing demographic, branding represents only the first step in many when it comes to finding success, building engagement, and further driving brand loyalty.

One unpretentious way to beat the grim statistic and develop relationships with your customers is to make the leap from ‘branding’ to ‘emotional branding’.

Follow with us here to learn what it takes to instill a brand with emotion and how to exactly triumph in the world of emotional branding!

Emotional Branding

The emotional vs. the rational

A brand that utilizes emotions in their branding sends through a powerful message. A brand that doesn’t… sends an even stronger message.

Along every step of the customer journey, along every single touchpoint, you have to be aware that decisions made are emotional, not rational.

No matter how somber a brand may be on paper, adding a touch of emotion at the right place and at the right time can dramatically alter the relationship – nay, the friendship! – that blossoms between a brand and a consumer.

A Deloitte study proved this just about right. Even if a relationship with a brand starts off on the rational side of things, it quickly transforms into the emotional. 60% of customers used emotional language – love, happy, adore – to describe the connection with their favorite brands!

Triumph in the world of emotional branding

Bearing that in mind, here’s how to blend together the rational and the emotional to create a branding experience that’s impossible to forget.

Give your brand a personality lift

Nowadays, consumers want brands that tell stories, brands with strong values, brands with empathy… not just brands that sell.

Better said, they want brands that feel human.

To give your brand a personality lift and make it feel more human, add emotion throughout the whole experience. Yes, even (especially!) at places where they won’t expect it for a little extra oomph!

Take Lloyds Bank in London for example. By adding a custom scent of white tea and thyme, they’re not just a cold financial institution. They now appear warmer and more welcoming to both existing and new customers.

Bank Image

Connecting as opposed to selling

Cold pitching is quickly proving to be the biggest turn-off.

Customers now expect a brand to think beyond – beyond the marketing and the profits – and to take as much interest in them as they do in the brand. According to Deloitte, customers expect to be treated by brands like they are treated by friends.

In return, that doesn’t only increase the present engagement with a brand but enforces a solid following and promises constant-high customer retention. (even if prices increase!)

A Harvard Business Study confirmed that increasing customer retention by just 5% could increase profits anywhere from 25% to a whopping 95%.

Engage the emotions. Engage the customers

Talking about connecting… emotional branding goes hand in hand with the brand experience.

The more emotional a brand experience is, the more engaged customers grow to be. And the ultimate goal is to have the experience evolve into a lifestyle.

Apple knows this all too well. Apple products are so much more than just a phone or a laptop – they’re a way of life.

With a brand that intertwines emotions in every step of the way, they’ve built a following – a cult, even! – of customers that stay fiercely loyal to the brand, no matter what.

It’s not only about that one person…

…it’s about the community!

Companies that dominate emotional branding have discovered that emotional branding comes with an even greater perk: a community that quickly springs to life based on the shared values and emotions a brand instilled.

But a large following isn’t something that only looks good in the comment section online. Communities strengthen brand loyalty even more, boost revenue regularly and represent word-of-mouth brand ambassadors!

There are numerous examples of amazing communities out there. All the way from the beloved Lego blocks to Harley Davidson, Mercedes Benz, GoPro, and so many more. Each of them notoriously different from the other but with a strikingly similar formula for success – their powerful communities!

Emotional Branding

Aim for the awe

In 2020, making a visual impression is not enough. With the number of competitors being steady on the rise, awe is the next logical (better said, emotional) step.

A sensible way to reach the awe stage in the customer journey is to diversify the communication channels in use. Seek for extraordinary solutions not only to communicate shared brand values but to create jaw-dropping experiences.

Let’s say, use scent as a communication channel, the same way you’d use light and sound to create the right mood in the business premises.

With human beings capable of remembering 35% of what they smell, compared to only 5% of what they see, olfactory branding is a move that won’t go unnoticed.

Let’s help you add emotion to your brand

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