Six Scents To Enhance In-store Retail Experience

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Retail Ambient Scenting|Beyond Scent

In the current ‘Experience Economy’ businesses need to create memorable experiences for their customers in order to stand out. We are seeing the traditional physical retail spaces adapting to changing shopping habits and finding new methods of engaging with their customers. Good retailers know that in order to create memorable experiences they need to provide spaces that engage all the five senses. From the music selection, the window displays, to the right lighting and great sales team, every detail contributes to the customer experience to create emotional connections.

The importance of creating emotional connections has been proven by studies that indicate factors influencing purchases are 80% emotional and 20% intellectual. That is to say that when evaluating brands, people use their emotions rather than rational information. It therefore makes sense that all customer experiences be designed to engender emotional connections. And while every sense plays a part in forming a customer’s perception of an experience, scent has one of the strongest connections to emotion and memory.

How does ambient scenting affect your customer’s shopping experience

Our sense of smell is considered to be our most emotional sense and rather than analyze the information we receive from a particular scent, we immediately get a feeling when we smell something. Not only does scent trigger emotions, it also affects our mood with studies showing a 40% improvement in our mood when exposed to a pleasant fragrances.

The Global Journal of Commerce and Management Perspective said that ambient scent has the strongest impact when it comes to enhancing consumer behavior in terms of emotion, evaluation, willingness to return to a store and purchase intention in a 2013 study. In addition to these studies, major retailers like Nike have also conducted their own in-store research and found that scenting in retail stores “increased intent to purchase by 80%”.

How should ambient scenting work

Scent has a significant influence on brand identity and done properly a store’s ambient scent should be barely noticeable. There are several factors to consider before attempting to scent your retail space and it is always recommended to consult with scenting experts to provide the best scenting solutions for your brand and physical space. The overall scenting goals, formulation of the fragrance and intensity-levels are key considerations to take note of.

Certain scents are described as crisp and clean and are best associated with retail brands seeking to convey a high energy environment. For more luxury and upscale brands, floral scents are better suited to conveying the brand’s essence. The key is to get it right by crafting the right scenting strategy that matches the brand attributes and values.

Here are our top scents ideal for retailers;

‘Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber’
A fresh green floral fragrance opening with tea leaves, cardamom and coriander alongside fragrant bergamot, lemon and mandarin. Followed by watery florals and crisp cucumber, supported by a delicate base of amber, musk and precious woods.

‘Sorrel & Lemon Thyme’
A refreshing aromatic accord with top notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit, leading to a heart of herbal heart of thyme, rosemary and basil on a base of moss and woods.

‘White Flowers’
A pure fresh white linen accord. Aldehydic floral fragrance displaying notes of rose, jasmine, lily and ylang with a twist of spice on a base of woods and musk.

‘Shanghai Blossom’
A hypnotic oriental floral accord opening with notes of pink pepper, bitter orange and bergamot leading to a floral heart of lily, jasmine and tuberose alongside warm clove supported with incense, vetivert, patchouli, smoked woods, cashmeran and vanilla.

‘White Tea & Mint’
A fresh, invigorating accord opening with refreshing notes of white tea, lemon, mandarin and green tea with a light floral, almond musky background.

‘Pomegranate & White Fig’
A stylish and beautiful blend of Exotic fresh fig fruit, green fig leaf, pink pepper, cardamom, frankincense and citrus, leading to a heart of clove, patchouli, lily, blended with fruity blackcurrant, warming amber and woody fig bark.

Beyond Scent works with retail brands across Ireland and the UK to create a memorable and consistent customer experiences. We take a ‘brand-led’ approach to developing the best ambient scenting solutions to guarantee the perfect scent match for your retail brand.