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Add the wow effect to every design by incorporating elements of scent and bring visitor experience to a whole new level.

Great design is the industry standard nowadays. But visitor experience is what makes a design truly extraordinary.

The world has changed, but basic human needs have stayed the same. And everyone’s attracted to a place that feels good, above all.

Experiential design puts wellbeing and emotion at the centre of every space, no matter how big or small. People no longer want to marvel beautiful things from a distance. They want to touch and experience and above all, connect.

Give visitors the emotional connection they desire.

Enrich experiential design with elements of scent, the most powerful of human senses – and let the space you model tell a tale everyone wants to be a part of.

At Beyond Scent, we use professional scent diffusion machines to assist you create an area that speaks to visitors each time they visit, making them want to come back again – and again.

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Miami’s One Thousand Museum, a 62-story residential tower designed by Zaha Hadid Architects not only offers state of the art amenities, but the tower also appeal to more senses than just the visual.

One Thousand Museum, will has its own custom scenting strategy: all interior amenity spaces, including the lobby, wellness and spa levels, aquatic center, and sky lounge, will be perfumed with signature ambient scents.

The developers of One Thousand Museum turned to experiential design to create fragrances that will shape the mood of every space in the building.

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