Behind the Scenes: The Magic in Our Creative Process Revealed

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Brand Communication

There’s so much to be said about scent.

Not only are delightful aromas pleasant to experience, but they are also downright impossible to forget.

It’s no wonder scent branding is slowly becoming the preferred language through which successful brands choose to communicate with their audience.  

But have you ever wondered how scent branding works its magic?

What are the secret ingredients that create bespoke results – again, and again, and again?

And why are leading brands obsessed with creating their own signature brand scent

Join us here as the Beyond Scent team takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour and lets you in on how fragrance design and creation happen. 

Brand Communication

Can you provide samples, please?

It may seem shocking that a scent branding company doesn’t provide samples… but pre-designed samples are the exact opposite of what we’re aiming to create. Well, at least not in the first stage.

Allow us to explain.

With a plethora of generic scents so widely available to consumers – think vanilla, rose, lavender – there’s the belief that all fragrances are singular and straightforward, which couldn’t be further away from the truth.

For instance, can you believe there are more than 450 varieties of lavender? Yes, really!

Each one is slightly different than the other, each one reacts in a particular way once blended. Some will become more floral, some more woody, and some may even seem to dissipate yet provide the structure for a totally different accord!

Brand Communication

No two branded scents are alike – nor they should be.

When it comes to scent branding, the process is vastly more complex than choosing your favourite perfume. It’s more psychological than personal. 

Of course, this isn’t to say subjective opinions don’t matter.

After all, everyone should ultimately enjoy the selected fragrance.

But the real star of the show is the brand itself.

Custom scent branding is so much more than just adding fragrance to a space… and hoping someone notices the ambiance change.

Scent branding isn’t only a method to make a room smell nice.

It’s a way to appeal to the senses, build relationships, and ultimately, make loyal allies among your consumers.

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Here’s a visual representation of the large gap between an off-the-shelf fragrance and scent branding.

Adding a generic scent to a spaceCustom Scent Branding
Generic scent already available
someplace else.
Uniquely developed scent with
exclusive usage rights.
One dominant singular note
(vanilla, lavender, etc.).
Several notes fused together for
best results.
No connection to the brand or the
brand story.
Aligned with the brand, the brand
values and the brand story.
Has little emotional impact on
Has massive emotional impact on
Easy to forget or mix up with
another brand as used elsewhere.
Impossible to forget or mix with
another brand.
Not being used strategically – too
strong or too faint to be noticed.
Used strategically at various

Brand Communication

Much more than just a scent  

With all of that being said, here’s a peek into what you can expect during the process of olfactory branding.

Please note: we follow the same blueprint that guarantees success but the final results are vastly different!

Rediscovering the brand again

At the beginning of our journey together, expect to go above and beyond the visual. 

During this stage, the focus is entirely on what your brand represents. We go over the brand story, the brand values, and profile the audience you strive to serve.

To create the desired emotional impact and create a strong bond between you and your target audience, a large part of the work done at this point is a deep dive into the psychology of your customers.

After all, a brand wouldn’t exist without its customers, would it?

Brand essentials translated into fragrance notes

Spanning a few different stages, this is the part where the real magic happens.

Every single concept that makes a brand unique is translated into emotion, and emotions are translated into scents. 

To assure the perfect fit, we create several bespoke fragrance samples that you and your team can choose from.  

The end result isn’t only something that ‘smells nice’. It’s an unobtrusive bouquet of notes specifically chosen to assist you in telling how your brand’s changing the world. 

Create a story that’s impossible to resist

Scent is the master of the senses when it comes to creating experiences and evoking memories.

The best brand stories aren’t the ones that are told.

The best brand stories are the ones that are experienced.

At the final stages, with strategically positioned products, we design the perfect environment for your audience to live your story, again and again, no matter when and where they interact with your brand. 

Ready to take your brand on a whole other level?  

Contact us to learn more about the process of olfactory branding and explore ways to translate your brand into an experience.