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Topshop In-Store Sensory Experience

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This is probably the ultimate immersive multi-sensory in-store experience yet! Topshop is celebrating the start of summer with a giant inflatable, a virtual water slide and scent of sunscreen in their Oxford Street store. The immersive experience ‘Splash’ has shoppers starting their journey on a giant inflatable, donning an Oculus Rift VR headset and being […]

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How Hyundai Created a Multi-Sensory Experience

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To launch its new Project IONIQ lab and car, Hyundai set up a sensory journey ‘House of Hyundai’ to explore how our senses effect our emotional state when driving. The pop-up installation in London’s Soho allowed visitors to travel through sensory zones exploring Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Hearing while meeting with cutting edge innovators […]

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Multi-Sensory Branding Is Big Business

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Brands are now utilizing all senses to engage with their customers and develop emotional connections. When targeting Millennials, who according to a recent study by Oxford University, prefer experiences that stimulate their sense, using Multi-Sensory techniques becomes imperative. This article by Event Marketer looks at five brands leveraging multi-sensory branding strategies in a very creative […]

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The Dos and Dont’s of Scenting at Trade Shows

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Should Brands Use Scent Marketing at Trade Shows? Trade shows are a breeding ground of sensory overload for trade show attendees. But, despite all of the product demonstrations, promotional giveaways, trade show games, and gimmicks exhibitors incorporate into their trade show booth one sense is not being exploited as much as the others – smell. […]