How to Create Memorable Brand Experiences

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Did you know you can time travel? You didn’t? A specific smell is all it takes to power up your very own time-travel machine – also known as your memory. Overwhelmed by the flashing and loud stimuli of the modern world, people often forget about smell, the strongest of all human senses. You do time […]

Festive Christmas Scent for Retail Stores

That Christmas Feeling

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Pine, cinnamon and nutmeg! Create the perfect scented environment for your customers and share the magic of Christmas. This Christmas create an unforgettabel experience with inspired seasonal fragrance. There are many ways to surround yourself with the smells you love this holiday season, be it for your home or your business space. Decorating with real, live […]

Tourism and Hospitality Summit 2017

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Our Managing Director, Eoghan McMahon will be speaking at the Tourism and Hospitality Summit 2017 held at Citywest Dublin. The topic of his talk will be “Building emotional connections with your customers” – how businesses can use the senses to differentiate their brand and create emotionally customer experience.

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Top Five Scents for Hotels

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Hotels strive to create unique guest experiences that will leave lasting memories for their guests to not only strengthens brand loyalty but to also produce repeat guests. As such, the most defining aspect of a hotel experience is how guests feel during their stay and what they remember about their visit long after they have […]