Custom-made Private Label Candles

Made exclusively for your brand

Private Label Candles To Suit Your Brand

We create one-of-a-kind candles for our clients that connect and amplify the essence of their brand.

By offering a complete Own-Brand Candle Development Service tailored to our client's needs, our personalized process ensures exclusivity, quality and continuity of brand.

From the selection of fragrances and glassware to the design of labels and packaging our clients are able to specify every aspect of their custom-made candles.

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Set your brand apart with an exclusive scent

Establish a new revenue stream for your business, while expanding brand recognition.

Human beings remember 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear and 1% of what they touch.

But they do remember 35% of what they smell – and they do so quite effortlessly.

Each sniff travels along the olfactory tract before being directly processed in the olfactory bulb, the brain centre responsible for smells. That same olfactory bulb is near the amygdala and the hippocampus, the brain centres responsible for memory and emotion.

Their close proximity is the reason why it’s easy to make a connection between a pleasant aroma and a happy memory.

And why it’s almost effortless to bring back the good times, every time the familiar aroma reaches your nostrils.
We start with the why
Every candle is created to tell a different story. To help you tell that story in the best way possible, we want to know the why – the reasons behind your thinking and brand.

We know a thing or two about the how
You tell us the message you want to convey – and all the emotions you like to awake. We help you decide what’s the best way to do that.

We look at the design
From the selection of fragrance and glassware to the design of labels and packaging, our clients are able to specify every aspect of their private label custom-made candles.

We don’t compromise on the quality
Our luxury hand-poured candles are made using only IFRA certified fragrances which are 100% safe, eco friendly and allergen free.

So far, we have...

…worked with 12 brands across 6 countries

...created over 150 exclusive fragrances

...designed 2 bespoke spa product collections

...given 1,000's of people something worth remembering