Elevate Your Brand Storytelling

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Elevate Your Brand Storytelling | Beyond Scent

Everyone loves a good story.

With 79% of customers expecting a brand to tell a story, companies don’t fail to deliver what the audience is craving.

However, not every brand story does the job it should.

Not every story is memorable, emotional – and even worse, worth sharing, thus overthrowing the basic idea of what a story should do.

What’s even more, the average person is exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of stories every day – that is, without even leaving the house.

A good story that spreads like a fire is the secret of success behind the world’s most profitable brands.

But how can your brand tell a story worth hearing, a story they haven’t already heard dozens of times? How do you get customers to listen? How do you fight story fatigue – and leave a long-lasting impression?

Well, read on here to find out how to infuse emotion into your story and elevate brand storytelling to a whole different level!

The even better stories.

There are the good stories. And there are the bad stories.

A study found that 7 out of 10 brands could disappear and NO ONE would care – that’s how little of an impression they’ve made, pushing a cold business transaction even further down into oblivion.

Recent global events seemed to have proved this point even more. Brands that have built a solid following struggle the least – compared to brands scraping by in a last attempt to remind potential customers they still exist.

Naturally, one may wonder what happens once the world goes back to normal.

Turns out, the brands that are going to survive the brand new world will have to learn how to tell even better stories than before.

brand storytelling, branded storytelling

How to elevate your brand’s story

Your brand’s story should be so much more than what you say on your website or what you write in a pamphlet.

Your story is the raw, the emotional – the way you make your (potential) customers feel when interacting with your brand along every single touchpoint.

The best stories out there appeal to the senses, forge warm friendships out of cold business transactions, and live much longer after the interaction is done.

Appeal to the senses right away

When it comes to branded storytelling, first impressions matter a lot. You often have one shot at making the right impression – and it’d be a miss if you tried to stay only on the rational side of things.

Olfactory branding is one sure way to appeal to the senses in a way that’s memorable and unobtrusive.

Virgin Atlantic doesn’t have to do a lot of talking to send a message of luxury and splendor to their passengers. Using their authentic brand scent consistently, they remind travelers of the Virgin Atlantic story every single time someone boards one of their planes.

While it’s true that you shouldn’t burden your customers with plenty of details in the narrative, showing that you think about all the tiny details can only enhance the story your brand is telling!

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Use empathy to fight the story fatigue

As we’ve said, your target audience is exposed to hundreds of stories daily. So how can a brand stand out in a tough crowd like that?

The answer is simple and yet not always obvious: rather than promising the impossible or trying to impress the wrong way, be genuine – be empathetic.

With emotion being the driving force behind 95% of all buying decisions, you can’t go wrong by allowing your brand to be more emotional and empathetic.

Carefully craft a story where the real hero is the customer, not the brand itself. The goal is to allow the consumer to feel understood, cared for, appreciated. Instead of only saying how much they’re appreciated, think more in the lines of showing.

Pro tip: Let’s not forget that nowadays, modern consumers are pretty skilled at detecting inauthentic stories – pretty fast. Soon, there’s going to be little room for brands that don’t seek to build a relationship with their clients.

brand storytelling, branded storytelling

Create experiences that are truly unforgettable

Unforgettable experiences are the most solid foundation for creating a crowd of engaged and robustly loyal customers.

Nothing lingers in the mind more than an extraordinary experience that felt nice.

If you’re not sure what you can do to differentiate from other brands, think outside the box and look into unusual ways to tingle the senses at various touchpoints.

For instance, Mercedes Benz has found a way to elevate their storytelling even further more and developed a series of custom fragrances for the new S-Class. This massively improves the already smooth brand experience Mercedes Benz customers have been enjoying and increases brand loyalty to a point where there are no doubts which brand they’re choosing next.

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Help the story live even longer

Stories make you human, and stories evoke emotions – no matter how hard you try to suppress them. It’s those exact emotions that have you talk about that brand, long after you’ve left the premises.

Exceptional brand experiences are what helps your story live further on.

Let’s say, a scented package is a pleasant surprise not many expect, a creative twist in the plot of your story – and a sophisticated way of reminding customers that they’re cared for.

Maybe you’re just one of many companies featuring that product… but how many of them excel at communicating their brand values through emotion and offer outstanding customer care long after the transaction is completed?

You’ve guessed it – not a lot.

Ready to tell your brand’s story to the world?

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