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Infusing an event venue with a pleasant fragrance makes all the difference between ‘just another’ event and one visitors never forget.

Adding scent to events goes, well - beyond scent.

Olfactory is the most powerful of all human senses.

And 75% of all emotions on a daily basis are triggered by smell - completely involuntarily.

Smell doesn’t only add a touch of luxury and sophistication to events. It opens up a whole new communication channel with visitors - one they can’t escape.

Transform the way your brand is perceived. Talk the language of smell - and create memories that last for years.

Beyond Scent, working closely with event planners and using a specialised scent machine for events, enables you to find the best scenting solution for your next big event.

We service different types of events such as product launches, music festivals, fashion shows, experiential events, exhibitions, and weddings.

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Top Shop | Beyond Scent


Topshop celebrated the start of summer with a fully immersive store event with a giant inflatable, a virtual water slide and scent of sunscreen in their Oxford Street store. The immersive experience ‘Splash’ had shoppers starting their journey on a giant inflatable, donning an Oculus Rift VR headset and being taken on an incredible water-themed adventure down Oxford Street. Topshop scented the store with the scent of sunscreen hosted summer-themed pop-ups, such as soft-serve ice cream vendor Milk Train.

To launch its new Project IONIQ lab and car, Hyundai set up a sensory journey ‘House of Hyundai’ to explore how our senses effect our emotional state when driving. The pop-up installation in London’s Soho allowed visitors to travel through sensory zones exploring Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Hearing while meeting with cutting edge innovators along the way.