Fragrance Development – Our Creative Process

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As fragrance specialists we will guide you through a carefully-crafted creative process to determine the preferred fragrance direction, environment type to be scented, desired ambiance, target audience and overall goal of scenting.

Brand Assessment:
An in-depth brand assessment is conducted to ascertain a specific fragrance direction for the brand. We evaluate existing marketing materials, communications and media to understand the core values and principles of the organization. We engage with key management to obtain internal perceptions of the brand and to identify the vision, essence, character, and positioning of the brand.

Once the Brand Assessment is completed the remaining steps of the process can take place.

Facility Survey.
We evaluate the environment type to be scented and identify the areas that will have the most impact on the preferred target audience. We determine the size of the preferred spaces, average foot-fall, and ambient air-flow to ensure optimal fragrance diffusion is provided to enhance overall ‘guest experience’.

Sample Fragrance Development.
A carefully-crafted ‘brand fragrance’ brief is developed and acts as a basis for our international perfumers to identify the necessary aromatic ingredients to articulate the chosen brand essence into exclusive hand-blended fragrance compounds. Our fragrance partners apply outstanding technical skills to create fragrances which are tailor-made for each and every customer.

Client Consultation.
Distinctive hand-blended fragrance samples are presented to the client for review and comment. This further hones the preferred fragrance direction before we develop additional samples for review. The sampling process can vary, however it typically requires one to two rounds of samples in order to identify the preferred fragrance compound for final production.

Fragrance Production.
Large scale production can commence at our IFRA accredited perfume house once the preferred fragrance sample has selected by the client. Due to the unique nature of our fragrances, some 300 times more intense than a typical parfum, we employ a unique process that ensures the integrity, balance and longevity of the fragrance is preserved for optimal diffusion.