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Our approach can be summed up in one word: brand.

Brand motivates us and guides everything we do. We think about brand, rather than product. Think about experience, rather than transaction. We recognize that the question of brand has become more complex. We also know that it’s harder than ever to stand out. Aligning brand and customer experience is vital and smell can be a powerful brand language that can convey identity and differentiation. It has potential to create a direct, tangible connection between a brand and its consumers.

Collaboration is at the heart of how we realize results for our clients and by understanding the essence and personality of a brand we can develop truly empathetic scents. Our network includes some of the most creative and innovative perfumers and olfactory consultants globally. With industry specific experience in branding and environmental design we can accentuate branded spaces and communicate desired experiences for brands in retail, hospitality, banking, events, offices and healthcare.

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The effective use of scent is probably the single most cost-effective intervention that brands could deliver when it comes to enhancing their multi-sensory branding strategy.