• The Art Of Home Scenting Creating a unique experience for your home

Create the perfect scented ambiance for your home and make the time you spend indoors as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible.

We all spend time and effort on creating the right ambiance in our homes through design and decoration. Now you can transform your indoor space by introducing invigorating and relaxing scents using our professional home scent diffusers.

The minimalist design, whisper silent running and adjustable scent output creates the essential home diffuser to complement any interior. With our wide range of long lasting fragrances you can keep your home smelling great all day everyday.


  • Size: Height 25 cm * Diameter 7.5 cm
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Volume: <20dba
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Weight: 1KG
  • Color: Silver/titanium

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