How Hyundai Created a Multi-Sensory Experience

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To launch its new Project IONIQ lab and car, Hyundai set up a sensory journey ‘House of Hyundai’ to explore how our senses effect our emotional state when driving.

The pop-up installation in London’s Soho allowed visitors to travel through sensory zones exploring Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Hearing while meeting with cutting edge innovators along the way. To learn more about the Sensory Innovators click here to visit the ‘House of Hyundai’ website.

In the Smell Zone the concept of responsive scents was explored – scent produced in real time to drivers exact specifications that could alter the mood of drivers on the road. This is certainly an interesting prospect for the future of driving.

The House of Hyundai installation created a multi-sensory experience and demonstrates an effective way in how brands are getting creative with ways to tap into more of the senses in efforts to foster organic emotional connections with their customers.