Airline Using Sensory Marketing For Customer Engagement

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How are airlines enhancing their marketing strategies? Through Scent and Virtual Reality. Well, at least that is what Virgin Atlantic is using to deepen its customer experience and we couldn’t agree more with this statement from a senior executive of the airline, “It [sensory marketing] does not have to be done in a creepy way”.

The airline has identified the need for brands to not only provide excellent service but to connect with customers by engaging their senses at all times. Be it at check-in, within airport lounges, on-board, or even in their limousine on the way to the airport.

According to this article from Campaign US, the airline is exploring the development of a brand scent that will be used across all its customer touchpoints and throughout the customer journey.

Other sensory experiences that airlines are using range from simply moving the position of the galley and bar to impart fresh food and beverage scents upon boarding to elaborate Virtual Reality experiences via mobile apps and Microsoft goggles.

Brands using custom scent across all their touchpoints enjoy a stronger emotional connection with their customers. According to research, people recall aromas with up to 65% accuracy within a year. If brands can associate their custom scent with a positive experience, that feeling can be transferred to their product leading to increased overall brand perception and loyalty.