Brand Scent Creation

Connecting brands with people through scent

Translating Brand Into A Unique Scent

Smell can be a powerful brand language that can convey identity and differentiation. It has potential to create a direct and tangible connection between a brand and its consumers.

By integrating scent as a pillar of brand identity a powerful connection between emotion, memory, and mood is formed creating a lasting impression

A signature brand scent becomes a distinctive element of a brand. It forms a bond with your customers and translates the unique value of your brand.

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Development Process
Brand is placed at the center of our creative process

The Brief
The development of a brief is an essential first step. It consists of understanding the brand, analysing its history and identifying where it will be in the future. Only through careful analysis of the brand can we translate it’s essence in to a scent.

We analyse the style, language, values, audience, and location of a brand and translate all into a scent that captures the identity and emotion of that brand. We achieve this through our understanding of brand identity & olfactory design.

Crafting a unique fragrance is an art. We create signature brand scents from the finest ingredients and work with the world’s most renowned perfume houses. Our perfumers create safe, authentic fragrances that add value to each brand.