Interior Scent Diffusion

Creating emotional environments through scent

Professional Diffusion. Not spray!

Our professional fragrance diffusion systems use a combination of unique diffusion technologies that atomize our perfume oils into microscopic aerosols which guarantee a consistent, subtle, and efficient interior scenting experience. Whether you require a free-standing, wall mounted or a HVAC connected solution we have the systems to help.

Discreet Design
Our diffusion units have been meticulously designed to compliment your premises and deliver a consistent scenting experience.

Fully Automated
24/7 hassle free fragrance delivery for your premises. Each unit can be individually programmed per your operation and specific requirements.

Professional Servicing
Each diffusion unit is supplied with comprehensive service contract to ensure it is maintained to the highest possible technical standards.
Rapid Scent Ultra | Beyond Scent
RapidScent ULTRA

Rapid-Scent Ultra is designed to deliver a powerful and efficient scent experience covering up 3,000 cubic meters, making perfect for hotel lobbies, retail stores, nursing homes, car showrooms and offices.

With advanced diffuser technology, adjustable scent intensity settings and directional fan assisted output Rapid-Scent Ultra offers a cost effective scenting options.


  • Size: W300*H110*D215mm
  • Weight: 2.2KG
  • Color: White

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Rapid-Scent MINI

The Rapid-Scent MINI is a complete scenting solution designed for medium to small premises making it perfect for retail stores, boutiques, dental clinics, beauty salons and hairdressers and cosmetic surgeries.

Discreet and stylish, the Rapid-Scent MINI features advanced diffusion technology to maximize the efficiency and adjustable controls for scent intensity giving you complete control.


  • Size: Height 25 cm * Diameter 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 1KG
  • Color: Silver/titanium

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Pro ScentR1 | Beyond Scent