What Is Scent Marketing?

Crafting emotionally driven experiences

Scent can be evocative, alluring or even emotional. We have all experienced how particular smells evoke feelings and memories of people and events. So why is this and how does Scent Marketing work?

Our sense of smell is part of the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain) which is closely connected to structures of the brain that influence behavior, mood and memory. It's this close relationship that gives smell the unusual ability to trigger powerful memories that make us feel nostalgic, relaxed, energised and even transport us back to our childhood instantaneously.

By going beyond the traditional sensory cues of sight and sound, Scent Marketing helps brands take advantage of our sense of smell to establish a stronger and longer-lasting emotional connection with consumers. It’s about creating an environment people want to stay in, enhancing brand identity and encouraging repeat business.

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How can scent enhance brand experience?

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As the customer journey becomes increasingly complex, multi-channel and social-centric, companies and brands must focus on determining which moments have the most impact and deliver the best possible experience at every touch point along the customer journey.

Enhance Brand Experience
Scent enhances the brand experience by inspiring certain behaviors towards brands and products. It can influence perceptions making experiences more enjoyable, more emotional and more memorable.

Improve Customer Experience
Scent enables customers to recall a brand and better communicate the brand’s attributes.Scent creates positive associations with the brand throughout the customer journey.

Build Emotional Connections
Scent can amplify a brand experience to establish a long lasting connection with consumers. Emotional connections engenders loyalty and influences purchasing decisions.