• Hospitality Environments Enhancing guest experience through scent

The use of scent helps hotels reinforce the brand experience leading to increased guest satisfaction and driving loyalty.

We provide professional fragrance solutions and scent diffusion machines specifically designed for spaces within the hotel environment. In addition to our fragrance diffusion systems, we can translate your chosen scent identity into custom scented products like room sprays, candles, reed diffusers and corporate gifts.


  • Strengthens brand recognition by linking scents to memory and emotion guests will remember your brand.
  • Enhances guest loyalty by creating enticing atmosphere for guests creates repeat visits.
  • Improves customer experience - scent creates a feeling of comfort and leaves positive impressions.

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“There is data that shows the power of scent to drive loyalty, it brings people back to a place.”
Eva Ziegler, Marketing Executive at Le Méridien hotels.

“We didn’t want guests to be cognizant of the smell, we wanted it to subtly create a memory and evoke the Kimpton experience whenever they walk into the lobby.”
Niki Leondakis, COO at Kimpton Hotels.

The Mandarin Oriental, New York developed a candle for its front desk based on the hotel’s signature Mandarin Blossom Tea. “It has a very distinctive, fresh and delicious scent,” says Director of Communications, Tammy Peters.

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