• Retail Environments Enriching in-store experience through scent

In-store is one of the few opportunities that brands have to engage with all of a customer’s senses to create memorable experiences and emotional connection.

Beyond Scent works with leading brands to provide quality scent solutions and professional diffusion machines to improve the in-store customer experience. With up to 90% of all purchasing decisions made subconsciously, a professionally scented environment can increase dwell time, willingness to buy and enhance customer loyalty. According to research by Bain & Co. stores will continue to play a critical role, with 75% of sales still occurring in a physical location by 2025.

Scenting benefits for retail:

  • Increases foot fall by enticing customers into your store.
  • Increases dwell time by enhancing comfort levels.
  • Improves customer perception with pleasantly atmosphere.
  • Improves customer loyalty through emotional connection.

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A recent study saw two identical pairs of Nike running shoes placed in two separate, but identical rooms. One room was infused with a mixed floral scent. The other wasn’t. Test subjects inspected the shoes and by a margin of 84%, preferred the shoes displayed in the fragrant room. Additionally, the consumers estimated the value of the “scented” shoes was, on average, $10.33 higher than the pair in the unscented room.

According to research by Eric Spangenberg, Dean of the Washington State University College of Business, an experiment within a retail environment showed that in a group of approximately 100 people who had shopped in the presence of a simple scent, they typically spent 20% more money, and bought more items.

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