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A Spa Experience Like None Other

Creating a memorable spa experience for your guests is a delicate task. And more often than not, it goes beyond the treatments provided.

From the moment they arrive, offer visitors an environment that encourages the right feelings - and help your guests create the right memories. You know, the ones that make them choose your brand, again - and again.

Beyond Scent can help you tell your brand story - the unforgettable way, and create a truly one-of-a-kind guest experience.

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Case Study: Monart Spa

To create a custom brand scent that will impart the essence of the Monart brand while blending the dual aspects of the property; a deluxe destination spa and luxury 5-star hotel.

A fresh and modern fragrance, which creates a feeling of enthusiasm and high energy, diffused throughout the spa and hotel - Cool citrus top notes of bergamot, enhanced by floral heart notes of rose with white jasmine and supported by a rich base notes of amber and cedarwood..

Customers and employees experience Monart brand values through a unique and memorable fragrance experience.

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