Beyond Scent Supports Savills Ireland in Real Estate Launch

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Savills|Beyond Scent

Beyond Scent (formerly The Scent Company) is delighted to have had the opportunity to support Savills during the opening of the Woodbank residential development in Shankill with the launch of the ‘BlissStream’ fragrance diffuser.

In development for some 14 months, the ‘BlissStream’ diffuser is a unique addition to the professional scenting industry. Silent running, maintenance fee, and fully mobile are just some of the features of this unique unit. The ‘BlissStream’ diffuser provides adjustable intensity settings allowing for total control and customization of scent output, while its low energy design ensures a 3 month battery life.

The ‘BlissStream’ diffuser works in conjunction with ‘BlissStrips’, a revolutionary time-release nanotechnology that enables the introduction of ‘parfum grade’ scents into any space. Developed in Italy, this unique product ensures subtle yet consistent environmental scenting for over 40 days.

Three ‘BlissStream’ diffusers were discreetly placed across the three-level Woodbank show-home to provide a gently scented environment with emotional appeal. The selected fragrance, ‘Citrus Welcome’, is a delightfully smooth floral inspired fragrance, infused with aromatic and woody tones to create a warm and memorable experience.